Just like that, 2023 fades away to reveal the new year and all the excitement ahead for OPUS! Check out our summary of January’s socials!

To start the year off with a bang, we called in a few favours and promoted our multi-award winning self-inflating campers in pyrotechnic style over the Orwell bridge!

One of our wonderful owners was kind enough to record a little video to show off how they set their OPUS up on holiday in France, meet Ciaran and the clan in their ‘beauty’!

We would definitely rather you didn’t waste your time on a product that isn’t right for you, and go straight for an OPUS… but it is always nice to hear that you’ve managed to fix disappointment!

Mr Clifton, with all the theatrical flair of a Shakespearean actor, devised this adorable script for us – join us in the ‘Palace Under The Stars’!