OPUS Camper wins ‘Owners Satisfaction Award’ for fourth year in a row

OPUS has won the Camping and Caravanning Club’s Owner Satisfaction award for the fourth year running. This award is a special one as it’s voted for entirely by OPUS owners.

See the full results of the awards here!

German design Award Winner logo
AIR OPUS scoops up a German Design Award 2018, announced as a winner in the transportation category for excellent product design

Following success with the Good Design Awards based in Australia, AIR OPUS was nominated by the German Design Council for entry into the German Design Awards 2018. Announced on the 20th October 2017 as a Winner in the transportation category. The jury agreed that the design and innovation on show was worthy of an international award.

Click here to view the AIR OPUS winners details.

Good Design Award logo
AIR OPUS wins Good Design Award!

The trend-setting AIR OPUS Self-Inflating Camper has added a Good Design Award to its accolades in Australia’s internationally coveted 2017 Good Design Awards. Only the Tesla Model X and semi-autonomous Caterpillar digger could beat the AIR OPUS for top honours in its category. Other winners in the category included global style and engineering leaders such as Audi and Mazda.

“The convenience of pushing a button to erect the camper with air is simply genius and makes camping accessible to everyone”
Good Design Award Jury 2017

View Good Design Award certificate.


The best customer service you will ever receive from any company!

– Jo F, OPUS Owner US

You won’t regret getting an OPUS,

we absolutely love ours…

Collected it in April this year and haven’t stopped using it!

– Mani G.C, OPUS Owner

The help and support from OPUS HQ is amazing, we needed to replate our second hand OPUS to reduce the MTLPM and also wanted a couple spare bits and bobs.

The team were super helpful over email, everything has been arranged, paid for, and now just waiting on suppliers and delivery.

I felt like a valued customer at every step, well done OPUS HQ, that’s how customer service should be.

– Mark A, OPUS Owner

We started our camping adventures at the beginning of the season with a different brand.

Bad move, used it twice, absolute nightmare. Came back from the second trip in the morning, traded it in for an OPUS in the afternoon.

As the saying goes,

you get what you pay for.

Love our OPUS, you won’t regret it.

– lan B, OPUS Owner

I’ve reached out to OPUS a few times with queries and today as always

I’ve received excellent customer service and support. THANK YOU!

– Mhairi G, OPUS Owner

Contacted Opus about a fault on our Air Opus. Contacted me the following morning and replacement sent out that day, well done guys and thanks

Lee Campbell – Date of experience: 03 April 2024 (Trustpilot)

I had many questions about the Opus camper and it’s capabilities and Chris Steele answered everyone one of them with a quick response each time and with clear informative advice that has really helped my decision making.

I would rate Chris very highly and a definite asset to the Opus team.

Anthony Whitmore – Date of experience: 27 March 2024 (Trustpilot)

A superb company, with after-sales service and support that matches their incredible product. Chris and the team at OPUS really are a pleasure to deal with. Communication is always prompt, knowledgable and most importantly, you know that expert customer support is on hand if required.

Anonymous – Date of experience: 25 March 2024 (Trustpilot)

Very helpful and speedy service when we needed a replacement camper part

G eccles – Date of experience: 07 March 2024 (Trustpilot)

Absolutely fantastic customer service, even as a 2nd hand Opus owner the customer support team have been amazing, helping answer question and providing spare parts that were not listed on the site. Feel like I have brought into a top class product with outstanding support.

Mark A – Date of experience: 06 February 2024 (Trustpilot)

You are unbeatable fast, very nice and perfectly solution-oriented

Thank you thank you Thank You 👍

Torsten – Date of experience: 26 September 2023 (Trustpilot)

Absolute 5-star product from a 5-star team at Opus and Purpleline. We love our Opus All Road Full Monty Camper Trailer but what makes ownership all the more amazing is the continued backup and support from the guys behind this amazing camper! Throughout our ownership, I’ve probably asked some ‘off the wall’ questions or sent some unusual requests and nothing has been off the table. My contact has always been amenable and responsive, it’s clear that he is completely customer-focused and must be a great asset and a credit to the Opus business – 5-stars!

Mr Nigel Murray – Date of experience: 06 September 2023 (Trustpilot)

Great customer service from Opus. Very quick to respond to emails and phone calls. Chris Steele has been particularly helpful finding spare parts and giving advice on my older model Opus.

Would recommend the Opus folding camper and their excellent customer service.

C Meadows – Date of experience: 22 August 2023 (Trustpilot)

Great Customer Service

The team have been excellent to work with while sourcing some hard to find parts for my Opus camper. Very quick to respond and have made everything easy, including international purchase and shipping.

Matthew – Date of experience: 18 August 2023 (Trustpilot)

Gr8 customer experience.

One week old AllRoad suffered total 12v failure. Having checked most things I called Opus. Immediate pick up on call, talked through all diagnostic options to eventually find loose fitting spade connections detached from switch assembly. Other minor issues promptly addressed with stuff now in the post to me. Great communication via follow up emails and all sorted within 24hrs. Excellent customer service on a par with the excellent sales experience @ Newbury show. Opus clearly has a keen and dedicated team. Shxt happens……it’s how it’s dealt with. Well done Opus and thx Chris Steele. Gr8 product; Gr8 service.

Derek Burkinshaw – Date of experience: 27 June 2023 (Trustpilot)

Great aftersales service from Opus! I requested a replacement part for our camper on Friday morning, delivered to our campsite on Monday lunchtime. Thanks Chris Steele.

Michael Connell – Date of experience: 12 June 2023 (Trustpilot)

Brilliant company, brilliant product!

We’ve owned our Air Opus Camper for over 5 years and continue to be delighted with the build quality of the camper and the service received from manufacturers. Opus really believe in their product and do everything in their power to support their customers. I’ve never come across another company with such good customer service.

Jane Sommerville – Date of experience: 14 April 2023 (Trustpilot)

World class service

The product is excellent, however what has set Opus and my dealer apart over the last 2yrs and in our recent experience, is the service, it is truly the best we have ever experienced…please keep it up.

Mr Ord – Date of experience: 31 March 2023 (Trustpilot)

Great camper and great company

We’ve had our Opus for just over a year and it has been great. The camper itself is fantastic and is exactly what you’d hope from it.

It always attracts attention when we pitch up and is most definitely a talking point. The space and creature comforts are like having a home away from home, whilst still having the feel of being close to nature like in a regular tent.

The company itself is also very responsive. Customer support is amazing and the couple of little niggles I’ve had have been resolved quickly and painlessly. Brett and the team are very approachable and are active on the owner’s group, so it’s quick and easy to obtain help and answers.

There is a strong community of owners, fostered by Opus themselves, with a yearly owners gathering that Opus themselves attend and contribute towards. All in all, a great product and a great company.

Richard Roberts – Date of experience: 17 March 2023 (Trustpilot)

I find customer care a rare thing these days but Opus excels in providing this in spades. It was one of the reasons we bought our Opus but you never know if all the talk of great service is just that….talk, until you need it.

We have had a couple of moments recently when we’ve had to get in touch with them and they’ve not let us down in the slightest. Great service, great communication. Oh, and the Opus camper is awesome and is everything we need.

Andy R – Date of experience: 10 March 2023 (Trustpilot)

Excellent all round.

We bought our Opus in October 2020 and we love it. We gave it a baptism of fire as our first trip away was to North Uist in the Outer Hebrides.

The weather was changeable to say the least with some heavy rain and winds gusting to 40mph. The Opus coped beautifully keeping us warm and dry. A great design that works well. The after sales/ customer service has always been great too. All in all a brilliant product.

Jan – Date of experience: 08 March 2023 (Trustpilot)

Wouldn’t be without our Opus

We have had our Opus for nearly 5 years and it is amazing.

We have travelled to the south of France 3 times and all over this country, attending festivals, making amazing memories and bumping into fellow members of the Opus family.

After sales has been amazing, from Opus HQ and Black Country Caravans. Absolutely faultless

An amazing piece of kit that works beautifully for our family and always catches peoples’ attention.

Would recommend an Opus to anyone, with no hesitation.

M Bruchez – Date of experience: 14 February 2023 (Trustpilot)

Amazing Product, Fab Customer Service

We bought our Opus in December 2020 and have taken it to England Wales, Ireland, Spain and even shipped it to America now with us when we moved.

The Opus is an amazing product and always grabs attention on sites! It’s warm and cozy, and the ceiling height makes it so spacious and airy inside.

We had a few glitches at the beginning with the learning curve, but Opus was always ready to help.

We would 100% recommend this product, we absolutely can’t imagine camping any other way!

Danielle Tinkler – Date of experience: 14 February 2023 (Trustpilot)

It is a brilliant design and doesn’t look like a 1980s caravan inside. You can sleep 6, carry loads on top and can easily be stored at home.

They are very well made and hold their value well.

Mary Robinson – 2022 (from Owner Satisfaction Awards 2022)

We have always wanted one after we sold our motor home. We feel The OPUS is a cross between a motor home and a tent – luxury glamping and has absolutely everything for us and our 3 small children.

Plus it’s so easy to take to sites and set up – it’s amazing!

George Gordon – 2022 (from Owner Satisfaction Awards 2022)

It’s versatile and suits our family. We like the freedom it gives us over the motorhome and like the towing size in comparison to a caravan. So much space and so light and airy.

It was our favourite thing at the motorhome and caravan show at the SECC, had never seen one before then.

Anna Barbauld – 2022 (from Owner Satisfaction Awards 2022)

We had been looking at these for few years but couldn’t justify the cost, but after our last 2 week holiday in a tent and the faff of spending half a day packing and unpacking the car and then another half setting up, we decided to take the plunge.

We didn’t want a caravan and didn’t like the old-fashioned look of traditional trailer tents hence OPUS was the only choice!

William Blake – 2022 (from Owner Satisfaction Awards 2022)

We wanted to move from a tent but needed more space than a camper, didn’t like the look of a traditional folding trailer tent and not quite old enough for a caravan…

The OPUS fitted our needs perfectly. Still feels like camping but in luxury! The height gives the feeling of space and with the additions of the sun canopy and/or awning (we had both in our deal) it’s just perfect!

Felicia Hemans – 2022 (from Owner Satisfaction Awards 2022)

I realised it was the perfect product for us, after I had been toying with the idea of getting a campervan. I enjoyed the versatility of something small that is easily towed, stored and manoeuvred, but also spacious enough that we’d be comfortable in it for an extended period of time.

We love sleeping under canvas, and The OPUS came with all the amenities that we needed to make it a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Samuel Coleridge – 2022 (from Owner Satisfaction Awards 2022)

Our Opus has given us the family adventures we dreamed of. Our two young boys absolutely love staying in it and, as parents, we love the speed in which we can setup up our base ready to start our holiday. It is literally twenty minutes from handbreak-on, to kettle-on which is essential when you have two little ones who are desperate to start exploring!

The Opus is undoubtedly a head turner on a campsite and justifiably so. It’s “cooler” than a caravan. It’s significantly more comfy than a tent. And having your own car gives you more freedom than a campervan once you’ve arrived at your destination.

Effortless to set up, light and airy, spacious and packed full of home comforts and storage space, plus a doddle to tow… The list of positives is endless. This is what makes the Opus perfect for both long and short holidays… We don’t hesitate going for impromptu weekends away.

Literally, every time we are heading home from a trip, we are already planning our next family adventure. It is simply addictive!

Helen Campbell – August 2020

For me though, amazing as they are, it is not only the aspects of Olaf which are marketed that give me the greatest joy. It is being able to share quality time with my husband and young child in a comfortable and safe camping system, knowing that Opus are always on hand if I have any queries or need any help, it is being part of the Opus community and getting top tips on sites and décor, it is how much my son loves it and how much better we feel after a stress free camping trip! So thank you Opus for all that you have done for my family.

Helen Marriott – August 2020

We like the extra space the awning provides as it gives you a large central area and 2 further double bed pods. This keeps the teens in their own room and gives the dogs theirs too!

Jac White – August 2020

What can we say! In one word “Awesome!”

Adam Robinson – August 2020

Recently sold our VW T6 Campervan (Big Terry) to switch to an SUV and the Opus. As much as I loved the Campervan there was always a compromise, either in the size of the beds or the hassle of packing up for day trips out. The Opus
provides the best of both worlds, it’s glamping on wheels! Large comfy beds and open airy living area provides an exceptional home to return to and the freedom to explore in our car once setup. There’s a fantastic ‘family’ of Opus owners who are on hand with advice, suggestions and support at seemingly anytime of the day or night!

I’ve camped all my life and can honestly say I’ve never slept better under canvas! Even though we’d bought our Opus through a private sale, when my wife called the main office for some advice she received immediate help and was really grateful to know there is support at hand when you need it.

Genuinely can’t recommend the Opus Camper and the support highly enough! We’re looking forward to making memories in the UK and across Europe.

Kev, Jayne, Finlay, Mac & Olga – August 2020

When you buy an Opus you aren’t just buying a folding camper you are buying a new way of life. In 2019 we started to look into buying a caravan but it just wasn’t us and we wanted something easier to tow , something with head room, stylish inside and out and something that was a bit ‘different’…..our Opus delivered on every front!

From Sarah and Andrew Lowe – August 2020

We’ve been opus owners for 5 years now, but the novelty still hasn’t worn off. We still get them same excitement each time we open the lids and breathe the canvas – it’s an instant signal of ‘holiday’. We’ve had some wonderful breaks in the opus – We love its versatility- zip all the side off and take in a view, or turn on the heater, cosy up on the sofa & listen to the rain. Our girls were young when we bought our opus, and now they are teenagers, but the opus still works for us all. As well as holidays we’ve also used the opus as a spare room when family stay & it’s been a handy break out space for us during lockdown.

We love our opus – we can set up in no time & it still turns heads on the campsites!

Fran & Bledd Lewis – August 2020

Having camped since the age of 8 months in Lossiemouth, Scotland, I decided to return to ‘posh’ camping in 2018. As a family we had always camped & I promised my Dad when he was dying I was going to buy a trailer tent and a Border Collie puppy. In April 2018 I purchased Bluey Opus. Being on my own it is hard work, especially at only 5’3”. However, I’ve managed to tow for the first time, pitch and strike camp a number of times now. I even towed it through North London! Perhaps the most ‘character-building’ time was during the scorching hot summer of 2018 when I vowed I was going to use the awning. Oh wow…I was sweltering and kept having rest breaks, sat on the step, with the heavy awning covering me. I finally managed it! It must have been hilarious to watch me!! I love Bluey Opus, the smell of the canvas, the sound of the rain on the roof. As a geography teacher and expedition leader I spend up to 50 nights a year camping and also in a hammock with Army Cadets. However, Bluey is my venture back into proper camping! And yes I got the puppy in December!

Jen Noble – August 2020

Buying the OPUS was a big decision for our family, but one of the best decisions we have ever made. I had seen the OPUS online when it first appeared and couldn’t wait to see it at the NEC. It took us a couple of years to finally take the plunge, but our previous unit just wasn’t working for us.

We wanted something that was easy to tow and that we could store on our drive, packed and ready to hitch up whenever we wanted to go away. We wanted proper beds, a decent kitchen and comfortable seating. We needed something that could be used in all seasons. We also wanted a motor mover fitted because of the awkward access to our drive. The OPUS offered all this and more. Towing is so easy! It is no wider than the car and you can see over the top in the rear view mirror.

We love the huge windows and all the light that floods in, as well as the flexible space with, or without the awning. We really appreciate the powerful heater too!

We collected our OPUS in February from Campers & Leisure in Ringwood and went straight to a local campsite that night. The temperature dropped to -2 but we were cosy in the OPUS with the heater on.

We have been away 7 times in it since then and have loved every minute. What we hadn’t realised was how the OPUS would bring us together as a family. Our 13 year old daughter loves it because we all work together to set it up. In fact, she and I can set up and pack down on our own when necessary. She loves her own bed pod which she has accessorised with fairy lights, where she can have her own space, but still be with the family. Even the dog loves the OPUS because she gets to be with us all the time!

We have been very impressed with the level of customer service from OPUS, who have always been ready to help and offer advice when necessary. They are proactive in supporting their customers and we have every confidence that this will continue.

Jane Sommerville – September 2018

Having previously been the owners of a much-loved VW T5 camper van, we decided it was time for a change, as our camper didn’t provide the space we needed for two adults and two young children.

In 2017, having visit the Caravan & Camping show and considered all the options (i.e. caravans, motorhomes and tents) we decided to purchase our AIR OPUS. This decision was definitely the right one!

The AIR OPUS is incredible. It’s easy to tow, quick to erect and offers all the space we require, with our without the awning. The internal height is great (I am 6ft 7), as are the huge windows and sky lights that allow light to flood in; the well-equipped kitchen; the spacious seating area and the fixed double bed pods. The LED lighting and electric heating is also very effective and the side skirts provide fantastic additional storage space underneath.

We have also been very impressed with the customer service. The OPUS Team (Joe in particular) are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and have provided great after-sales advice and support.

In summary, we could not be happier with our AIR OPUS and look forward to spending many holidays with her!

Jon & Jo Rees – September 2018

We’ve loved camping for many years, caravanning just doesn’t quite have the enjoyment for us like being under canvas nor are we able to store a caravan easily. But wanting something a bit more robust & luxurious than a tent the OPUS really does tick this box for us & with so many added extras & benefits!

We love the flexibility our OPUS gives us for just a short few nights away or longer full on family holidays! Our Full Monty package has everything we need but I’m sure we would have just as much fun with the Standard Package! Having the projector on & big screen we really do feel quite spoilt!

Almost every holiday we have someone on the site give admiring glances & then wanders over & asks for a peek inside…the “wow” responses we get really does make us very proud & lucky! We would 100% recommended OPUS to anyone & the OPUS team are fab with aftersales & support!

Darren & Berni Good – August 2018

Being a “glamping” enthusiast but also being self-employed so short on time for weekends away, the minute we saw “Olly the Full Monty OPUS” we knew that it ticked all of our comfort, pack up and go criteria.

We loved the quality of the build, the clever and ample storage but most of all a comfortable bed and being able to hook up, get away and set up quickly.

The support we have always received from the OPUS customer care team has been exceptional and supportive. If you love the outdoors and want to stand out in the camping field, you need an Olly in your life!

Lilly & Clive Roads – August 2018

We bought our OPUS in February after being blown away when we saw it being demo’d at the NEC. Our first trip out saw us extremely snug and warm and thoroughly enjoying the attention from other travellers.

We have been delighted by the build quality and the attention to detail that has gone into the design. We will happily consider overseas holidays with the OPUS as we feel it is certainly robust enough to endure long distance holidays.

The feather in the cap was the outstanding customer service that I have received each time I have reached out for support from the team. It is very satisfying to know that the customer service is as good as the product.

I would not hesitate to recommend the OPUS to anyone looking for the next level in camping. It’s so much fun and we look forward to our trips immensely.

Sarah Campbell – February 2018

We spent some 4 hours with Neal and Debbie at Tony Wild Camping yesterday and all went extremely well. They were excellent in taking us through the put up and put down and showing us the various systems. All good. After a nervous start, the towing went like a dream and it came home to Lincolnshire perfectly. We are incredibly pleased with it so far. An experimental putting up and down this afternoon and then off to North Yorkshire for 5 days, before a France trip in early September.

Steve and Judy Lumb – July 2017

Since picking up our OPUS in January this year we have used it on a variety of sites – from a dead flat sheltered caravan site in Harrogate to a more remote sloping site in the middle of North Wales.

The latter was a challenge as the weather varied from bright sunshine to torrential rain and high winds, the OPUS coped admirably (though we had a few sleepless nights!).

Everywhere we have been the OPUS has caused a great deal of interest especially with a group of campervanners who commented on the amount of room inside!

We are very pleased with the OPUS – a change from our Dandy trailer tent – interior is massive, the heater is great and so is the fridge. Already planning camping holidays for next year – probably the West Coast of Ireland or the Far North of Scotland.

Liz and Barrie Lockwood – December 2016

We were in the market for something that the family could use when camping but not being caravan people we had discounted a folding camper until we stumbled across the OPUS.

We were initially attracted to the modern appearance of the OPUS compared to some other older style models. However, the main attraction for us as a family is the tardis-like interior space and the comfy beds, which for us are really important (hip replacement/dodgy knees!). We also liked the fact that the OPUS is really easy to tow and to store.

We were also very impressed with the high specification of the kitchen area and the in-built sound system and cinema system with projector screen, which we chose as additional options.

We have used the OPUS in all 4 seasons, even high winds and it held up extremely well. We feel that the OPUS is very stylish, comfortable and practical way for our family to camp.

Lisa Alder – December 2016

We drove down to Ipswich in May 2016 from our home in Shropshire to pick up our new OPUS and by mid October we had completed no less than 7 holiday destinations.

I’ve been a camper all my life – from back-backing, wild-camps and mountain bivvying to large tents on posh camp sites with hook-ups – but I have to say there’s something great about just hitching up and going! So it’s been wonderful just exploring different parts of dear old England and my favourite country away from our own; Wales, where we stayed at a lovely campsite just outside Abersoch on the Llynn Peninsular for our first OPUS holiday. It was a lovely sunny week with no rain at all. I was keen to see how the OPUS stood up to a few drops or more of the wet stuff but to no avail.

Moving on for a short stay in Frodsham and then to our annual family camp at Fenny Bentley, Derbyshire, the weather continued to be very warm and dry, perfect for camping but still no rain to test the canvas. Various other trips were completed but it wasn’t until September on a terrific campsite near Barrow-upon-Soar in my home county of Leicestershire that we actually had rain. It was on the first night and it was heavy, windy and sustained but I’m pleased to say our OPUS took it all in its stride!

Over these few months we also stayed at Hebden Bridge on two different sites on two different occasions and finished our final holiday of the year at Mordiford, Herefordshire on another excellent and well-appointed site.

So we’ve had some great OPUS times so far and looking forward to early spring when we’ll be hitching up again and moving on out once more to who knows where?

Our OPUS has given our camping experiences a new and exciting lease of life and has stood up well wherever we’ve been and although our first pitch and pack-down took us an age, it’s certainly true what the hard-working and helpful staff at the main office tell you; practice makes perfect! With just my partner Pam we work as a team each having our own little tasks in a set order, and we now feel we’re like a well-oiled machine.

So… safe to say we’ve fully enjoyed our first OPUS year and are looking forward to many more. Oh… and by the way we’re both in our late 60’s so we’re no spring chickens!

Paul and Pam Watts – December 2016

We bought our OPUS early in 2016 after a few years of renting VW Campervans. We had young kids (5 years and 6 years) who really enjoy camping and whom were able to fit neatly in the pop-top of the VW. Our issue was that they were growing, wouldn’t fit comfortably in a van and we had another baby on the way so needed a camping solution that can grow with us!

The OPUS is perfect because it has easily enough room for 4 (in fact we’re planning on having 3 kids in one end), it’s separate to the car so you have a vehicle while away, everything stows away neatly, the beds are amazingly comfortable (wife was happy 7 months pregnant), and they are fun! We now way prefer the OPUS to the VW – and get just as many admirers on the campsite except now its not to provide advice on getting the engine started!

We had several holidays last year and plan many more in 2017!

Toby Byrne – December 2016

Since we collected our OPUS Camper at the end of March 2016 we have been on 6 different holidays, ranging from long weekends to a 15 day trip. Until Wallie (our OPUS!) had to go into hibernation for winter we had owned him for 150 days of which we spent 31 nights with him. After each stay we were reluctant to go back into our house and sleep indoors again. We can’t wait until next Spring! We love the flexibility of the setup. Every time we built Wallie, we used him differently, from the small basic setup to the full awning, with or without side skirts. Whatever the need was, there was the perfect setup possible.

The McMillan’s – December 2016

2016 was our first year with the OPUS after a rather impulse purchase, one I am pleased to say that we have not regretted. Our OPUS has transformed our camping experience, so much more comfortable than our old family tent. Every time we set up it gives us all a warm contented feeling and has proved to be just as popular with our camping friends who can’t keep away! Six fab trips away this year, even North Wales was a dream, roll on next year when we plan to hit the continent.

The Elliott Family – December 2016

One year into OPUS ownership and we’ve had a great Spring and Summer of new places and quick getaways. Our two children; Freddie and Alice would go away every weekend if they could! The OPUS provides comfort and is quick to pitch. Fantastic customer support, especially the workshop team who really went the extra mile to help me out after dropping our OPUS off for a minor repair. We are looking forward to 2017.

Steve & Sally Rotherham – November 2016

We collected the Opus in May 2015 and it is fantastic. We have been to Cornwall a few times and hooked up with friends and their campers and tents. One cool evening five of us and Daisy May sat around the table and played cards. Plenty of room and we were all warm with the built in heater system. The lights inside were great too. Of course everyone used us to charge their iPhones and iPads. Really handy having that facility. Cold Prosecco from our fridge… We had a great evening.

Sarah Pollard – July 2015