All Weather Storage Cover – £199

 All Weather Storage Cover – £199 Protect your OPUS from the elements with the All Weather Full Storage Cover. Covering the entirety of the OPUS (including gas locker) giving you peace of mind whether you store inside or out. To be used in conjunction with the Roof Cover (Standard on all models) Buy Now

Load Carrying Roof Cover – £149

Load Carrying Roof Cover – £149 The Load Carrying Roof Cover is suitable for use in conjunction with the Thule Roof Bar Feet and Roof Bars. Buy Now

Water and Waste Carriers – £85 each

 Water and Waste Carriers – £85 each A practical and portable water and waste carrier comes complete with; fitted wheels for effortless carrying and a total discharge tap for easy empty. Each tank can hold up to 23 litres. Buy Water Carrier Now Buy Waste Carrier Now

Hand Pump – £25

 Hand Pump – £25 For those who travel off-grid. The OPUS is fitted with a leisure battery that is more than capable to inflate the OPUS a multiple times, but if you’re ever cut short you can rest easy knowing you have a backup plan. Buy Now

Grab Handles – £59 per pair

 Grab Handles – £59 per pair Due to the OPUS being lightweight it is easy to move around and position as required – however grab handles can be added to assist in manoeuvring your OPUS if you wish. These come in pairs and can be fitted to either the front or rear – two…


Corner Steady Feet – £19

 Corner Steady Feet – £19 If you are planning to spend the night on soft ground you may find that your corner steady legs can dig into the ground. These clip on plastic corner steady feet spread the weight over a greater surface area, meaning your corner steady legs are a lot less likely…


Double Step – £25

 Double Step – £25 Making getting into the OPUS easier for shorter legs and weary hikers. The double step is equipped with anti-sink feet and is 37cm tall by 44cm wide and can be stored in the OPUS whilst in transit. Buy Now

Quattro Diamond Auto Engage Motor Mover – £1199 fitted

 Quattro Diamond Automatic Engagement Motor Mover – £1199 fitted Manoeuvre your OPUS with ease with a remote control motor mover. The Quattro Diamond is a reliable and intelligent motor mover. It is capable of rotating 360º and can move an OPUS up a 1-in-4 slope, ideal for any difficult driveway and makes hitching up…


Quattro Rhodium Motor Mover – £899 fitted

 Quattro Rhodium Motor Mover – £899 fitted Manoeuvre your OPUS with ease with a manual engagement remote control motor mover. The Quattro Rhodium is a reliable and heavy duty motor mover. It is capable of rotating 360º and can move an OPUS up a 1-in-4 slope, ideal for any difficult driveway and makes hitching…


Knott Shock Absorbers – £249

 Knott Shock Absorbers – £249 Enjoy a softer towing experience, our shock absorbers take some of the strain that the road can throw at you.

Knott Stabilising Hitch Coupling – £449

 Knott Stabilising Hitch Coupling – £449 The Stabilising Hitch Coupling is designed to dampen snaking movement that can occur when towing and the pitching of the car/trailer combination. Simple to use, for an easy towing experience. The Knott Stabilising Hitch Coupling is a useful addition to any OPUS.

Spare Wheel & Carrier – £199

 Spare Wheel & Carrier – £199 Unfortunately accidents do happen, but with the Spare Wheel & Carrier you can be prepared. The Carrier is a steel hinged retaining frame fixed to the underneath of your OPUS, and included a spare wheel and tyre. So you can be confident that you are ready for all…


Alloy Wheels – £399

 Alloy Wheels – £399 OPUS comes as standard with steel wheels. We offer OPUS branded alloy wheels as an optional extra. OPUS Alloy wheels are certainly a firm favourite. Our classic 5 Spoke OPUS Alloy Wheels look great and have been chosen to specifically compliment the designs and colours of OPUS. The wheels are…


Logo Decal Customisation – £139

Logo Decal Customisation – £139 Add a bit more personality to your OPUS by selecting custom decal colours. These can be matched to the colour of your tow vehicle or perhaps your favourite colour!