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Here at OPUS we know different people have different needs, and we don’t want to penalise you for wanting more. With that in mind we have put together a selection of perfect combinations of options and extras to help you decide what you might like to have with your OPUS, and you can save some serious money too.

We have a selection of packages for you to consider but remember, these packages are by no means final, so if you would like to add something else from our options and extras lists then please feel free and let us know.

Standard OPUS »

Poled £12,995
AIR £15,495
This is our basic model. A blank canvas if you will. If you only fancy a couple of options and extras, or are really looking to keep the price down then this standard model OPUS is perfect for you. No frills, but plenty of function.

Adventurer »

Poled from £13,995
AIR £16,495
For those of you with an adventurous spirit this package is perfect. Available as a two, four or six person package this deal gives you ultimate freedom. The OPUS comes ready to carry up to six bikes, and be used on soft ground safely and securely. Go on, get yourself out into nature.

Ready to Roll »

Poled £13,995
AIR £16,495
There is no time like the present as they say. This OPUS comes fully equipped with everything you need to get started. You can collect your OPUS and set up camp straight away, safe in the knowledge that you have everything you need for a relaxing and luxurious experience.

Family Pack »

Poled £14,495
AIR £17,495
You can never have too much space, especially when you have the whole family with you. This package is designed to maximise your space, giving you enough room to house a small army, along with their luggage and room to relax. This package transforms your OPUS into an incredible 10 berth, plus additional storage.

Easy Rider »

Poled £13,995
AIR £16,495
OPUS is lightweight, easy to tow and easy to move, but we understand some people may want or need some extra flexibility when it comes to movement. For this reason this OPUS is fitted with a stabilising hitch, making towing a breeze and includes a set of remote control motor movers allowing you to move your OPUS at the touch of a button. How about that for a remote control car?

Full Monty »

Poled £14,995
AIR £17,995
Like the sound of the other packages but can’t decide quite which one fits the best? Well why not have them all and save yourself even more money. We have taken a selection of the best features from all packages to create this OPUS supremo. This package gives you space, storage, security, comfort, ease of use and luxury.

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